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On-Demand Vaccination Management


Get the Team
Back in Action with Confidence


People Miss Travel, Sports, and Restaurants Open Securely


Bring Life Journeys
and Learning
Back to Life

We miss our friends – We miss our family. 

Vaccinations are finally on the horizon – but this comes with uncertainty. The testing process was difficult and fragmented – you need a better experience for vaccinations – for you, your family, your peace of mind.  VaxAtlas offers you Android or iOS record capture. reminders for second doses, alerts, and a vaccination record you can keep for life. Turn-key, secure, accessible.  VaxAtlas.

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for employers

It has been a difficult 2020. Businesses slowed down and shut down. Vaccines are finally available  – but there is a great deal of confusion on ensuring your employees have the support they need and you have the visibility to make sure your workplace is safe. We have the tools to make it turnkey. We provide a comprehensive vaccination management program that will put your team at ease – and make your job a little easier. 

entertainment venues

We are working with leading verification pass companies to provide vacciation verification. Easy for your customers. Easy for you. 

Let’s get back to living. 

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Our next generation deserves to get back on the road to your their journey. Teachers and our children are our most precious asset.

 VaxAtlas provides opportunity to get schools back in the classroom, providing record management and reporting platforms. 

Safer classrooms reduce stress. Happy students drive benefit to us all. 

See what VaxAtlas can do for your school.

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