Vaccination Locations

Links to Vaccinations in Your State

The government is speeding up the distribution of vaccinations.  Many states are adding waiting lists – with the goal of getting as much of the population vaccinated as possible, by the summer months.
Every state has different rules and sign up processes. We have provided the links for your state below.
Also note that innovative folks have developed “BOTS” that scan the internet scheduling sites for open appointments. These are available through Twitter and are generally specific to a state. They can be helpful in identifying coveted vaccination appointments and can take a bit of work out of the process.
You can also call 2-1-1 for help in getting an appointment if you or family members do not have internet access.  
The following are links to the state scheduling websites. Every state, and often every county, has different regulations. These links will provide you the most current information for your state and allow you to schedule as vaccines continue to roll out.  We will continue to update these links with the most current information.