VaxAtlas Launches COVID-19 Platform To Help Navigate Vaccination Process 

Program to help employers and consumers manage vaccine logistics; from provider locations, multi-dose compliance and vaccine scheduling to recall alerts and QR clearance passes; Taking the confusion away from vaccination management.

BOSTON, MA, December 15, 2020 VaxAtlas Inc., the leader in vaccine management, today announced the launch of a digital platform to support the COVID-19 vaccination process, making it easy for anyone to schedule and manage their vaccinations. Through a comprehensive suite of on-demand tools, VaxAtlas manages the process of getting COVID vaccinations from beginning to end. The platform provides access to a national certified pharmacy network for local appointment scheduling, recall alerts, second dose reminders, as well as QR clearance passes for vaccine validation. VaxAtlas alleviates the complexity associated with vaccine logistics and helps to get people back to work and back to living their lives.

For over 15 years VaxAtlas has been on the forefront of vaccine management as the backend that supported the H1N1 pandemic as well as Medicare Part D transition. Building off past experience, the current platform features a wide range of tools including access to a network of over 60,000 trusted national pharmacy providers including community pharmacies in areas hardest hit by the pandemic. The app provides easy location based scheduling to locations offering the vaccine, alerts for updates on outbreaks and recalls and second dose scheduling reminders. The product is HIPAA compliant and leverages current payment and eligibility standards. In addition, receive credible vaccination validation with scannable QR codes.

“With no structured approach to reopening, the vaccine management process will be confusing and hard to navigate”, said Judi Korzec, CEO & founder, VaxAtlas. “We want to alleviate the chaos and confusion of waiting in lines, scheduling or being turned away because of supply issues while providing tools to make lives easier for families, employers, travelers and physicians”.

VaxAtlas provides consumers with a full range of vaccination options from infants to seniors, travel and seasonal. Through convenient app based scheduling anyone anywhere can find a trusted pharmacy, receive reminders, alerts and family vaccinations records compiled into one convenient place.  For employers, VaxAtlas provides portable vaccination options including employer visibility and dashboards into COVID hotspots and outbreaks, vaccination uptake and tools to help manage employee communication, all to ensure a safer workplace.

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About VaxAtlas

VaxAtlas Inc. provides employers and consumers a comprehensive and portable approach to vaccination and testing management. We work with employers, schools, entertainment venues, travel services, and consumers to complete “the last mile” of the COVID-19 Vaccination. For more information visit

  • VaxVault: Lifetime, portable vaccination record for individuals and families
  • VaxPass: Vaccination validation with scannable QR or printable format


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