Our Network Partners Make the Difference

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Trust is key. We are an industry that serves our communities. The local pharmacist is entrusted with educating and caring for those needing a caring hand. VaxAtlas focuses on inclusion of all local pharmacies to ensure equal access to all and build on trusted relationships. We applaud our network partners in the work they do every day to help our families and friends live healthier lives.

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network opportunities

VaxAtlas employer clients are rolling out vaccination programs nationwide. They know it will be difficult to provide peace of mind without their community pharmacies bringing trust and support to their employees. Please help us bring their business back on line. We welcome all pharmacies to join us in the mission of providing the very best local care. Join us for the COVID-19 mission or one of the other programs we offer our 60K employers and corporations that we support.

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making it easy

We make it easy and orderly. Leveraging our unique optimization logistical system, you can participate in the vaccination and testing programs of choice. You participate in only the programs you are interested in – whether it be the COVID-19 vaccinations, TravelVax or other retail based testing programs. We supply Android and iOS tools for your customers – reminders, scheduling and alerts – taking the burden off you.

The cost? All we ask is you serve our employees and their employers well. We need to bring community back into care.

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Join the MissioN

It’s COVID-19 today – but our clients work with us on a broad range of vaccination programs.  We make it easy for you to support everything form traditional senior vaccines to travel. Consider becoming a part of the community network in support of prevention. For you – more customers. For our clients: peace of mind.

We look forward to hearing from you!