Help us Bring Prevention to the Forefront

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For years, the focus has been the cure. 

Yet you have developed, manufactured and distributed medications that prevent diseases that impact lives.  It is time we elevate prevention and turn the focus to ensuring all get access to vaccines and testing.

The power of science changes lives. Help us lead the nation in embracing The Power of Prevention. 


powerful infrastructure

Our industry is fragmented. Difficult to navigate.  We have the most powerful infrastructure to deliver prevention  — our network of clinic and retail pharmacies. At VaxAtlas – we leverage this network of over 66k locations using an innovative connective technology that enables Prevention Programs across the country. 

Increase access. Remove barriers. Reduce disparities. 

Join us in making prevention happen.

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Image of the VaxAtlas app showing a QR code of vaccination records

removing barriers

Our integrated platform provides an Android and iOS enabled portable vaccination and testing record for life. As people move between healthplans and providers, from employment to retirement – we provide on-demand access to their vaccination history, decision support, reminders, and scheduling to keep them up to date on vaccinations and testing. 

Our customers can generate a VaxPass that provides verification of tests and vaccines for travel, school, and venues.

We are integrated with the leading Global Pass programs to ensure continuity as we restart our travel journeys.


Make a Difference

We understand that disparities exist and we team with community and global efforts to reduce the barriers in receiving critical vaccines and testing.  

We are reaching out to all of our manufacturer and distribution partners to help those most in need.  Patient assistance programs have been around for years – but we need more focus on prevention through aggressive outreach and educational programs.

Our corporate clients are donating “VaxBucks” and matching funding to elevate awareness in this critical gap.

Join us in this effort. Our goal is to reduce the gap in prevention services by 5% in the next 2 years.

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