Vaccinations are the cornerstone of wellness. It is not always easy to remember when key vaccinations are due – nor which ones you have taken. Taking time to schedule vaccines can be challenging. 

And in the midst of COVID-19 – the confusion has heightened.

We have developed a platform to simplify the process with Android and iOS apps –  and provide a portable vaccination record for life.


Your record. Your life.


On-Demand Record Retention

You have received your COVID-19 vaccine. You received a CDC paper record. You will need this to travel, attend venue events — we provide an OCR scan, validate your record, and provide a digital record to keep it secure.

Your record. Your life.

Reminders and Prompts

We make certain you remember your appointments and prompt you when you need a booster dose. For COVID-19 we will ensure you schedule the second dose when the time is right. 

Compliance. Priceless.


COVID-19 vaccines are new. This is creating uncertainty. We want to make certain you have all the information you need regarding your vaccine. We included an alert system in case you need to be contacted. Your safety and security is critical.

Always in the know.

Sharing Your Records

Your records are stored in a portable, secure database that is accessible at any time. You may need to share your record. We have provided a secure and consent based approach to sharing your record. 

Get back to living.

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