COVID-19 vaccinations will be available soon. It will be difficult to find a location and the instructions are confusing.

VaxAtlas provides on-demand scheduling, reminders and verification that is tailored to put order back into the process.

VaxPass app

Using our powerful VaxAtlas engine, will enable scheduling to only those locations actually offering the vaccine. No more searching and calling. No long lines. Your appointment – your time.

The initial vaccination will be stored in your secure VaxVault  and you will be prompted to schedule the second vaccination.

We will send you reminders to ensure you get the critical second dose.

Your second vaccination will be stored in your secure VaxVault and you will be issued an electronic verification that can be printed or shared electronically.

Businesses will be offering to employees and clients. Schools are helping teachers feel safe and individuals are gearing up for family coverage.

Let’s get the country moving again – shorten the clearance queues and begin to take back our lives.

Our solution is unique. We know this is a difficult time. 

You need to trust the provider administering your vaccine.

You need to know the process works. 

You need to be in control.

We are here to make it a little easier.

Young child in a purple and yellow floral mask, holding an water bottle

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