We offer an on-demand and secure portable vaccination history. Our platform is unique in that it offers scheduling, decision support, reminders and electronic verification for consumers, employers, schools and entertainment venues.
Whether you are in charge of your family vaccines, are anxious about COVID-19, or are traveling - VaxAtlas makes it easy.


Leveraging the VaxAtlas vaccination management system, we have developed a program that solves for the nuances of the COVID-19 vaccines. Not all locations will offer - two doses are required. Verification will be needed.
No more long lines, searching or confusion.
We make it seamless.


Using the power of the VaxAtlas engine, TravelVax reviews your travel itinerary and automatically compares your vaccination record to the vaccines required for travel. No more "googling", no more searching for vaccines, no more lost papers. It's all on-demand - and all in the palm of your hand.

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