COVID-19 vaccinations are available! 

With three different vaccines available – and different requirements, by state – it can be confusing. We have provided you the links to your state to read updates and schedule for your vaccination.

Once you receive your vaccination – it is critical that you retain your record. Many organizations will require that you verify that you received the vaccination.

Our platform provides reminders for your appointments, the ability to store and validate your records, and when venues and travel open up – the ability to share your records. 

VaxAtlas makes it easy to get back to living.

VaxPass app

Turn-key and portable.

We offer you reminders for your vaccinations and the ability to store your vaccination in your secure VaxVault. 

We validate those records and ensure you have all the information you need should you need to share that record to employers, during travel or schools. 

Once your vaccines are stored in your VaxVault and you will be issued an electronic verification that can be printed or shared electronically.  You will also have the option to share with other major verification passes for sporting events and venues.

Businesses will be offering to employees and clients. Schools are helping teachers feel safe and individuals are gearing up for getting back to living.


Let’s get the country moving again and begin to take back our lives.


Our solution is unique. We know this is a difficult time. 

You need to know the process works. 

You need to be in control.

We are here to make it a little easier.

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Getting Back to Life

Help us – Help you

COVID-19 will end - if we work together

Individuals & Families

Keeping track of vaccinations is difficult – now you are faced with COVID-19.  We have supported you for 15 years – we are here to help you navigate the process.

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You need peace of mind for employees – and tools to manage the process. We offer turn-key COVID-19 vaccination programs that will get you back on track.

Entertainment Venues

We miss sports, music, our favorite restaurants, movies, and community gatherings. We have the solution to remove the stress and bring back the fun.

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Our next generation needs to get back on track. They miss learning, social activities, and their life journey. VaxAtlas can help get them back to learning and living.

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