The Power of Prevention

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On-demand vaccination and testing access
National network
Portable record for life

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Full range of vaccinations, infants to seniors, travel and seasonal -- coming in January: COVID-19

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We take security seriously HIPAA Compliant, multi-level authentication, HITRUST, blockchain

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Trust is critical. All of our providers are credentialed, experts in vaccinations and will earn your trust

Our Mission

Prevention is the cornerstone of wellness, yet the primary focus in our healthcare system is “sick care” versus preventing disease and illness.  
We understood this fifteen years ago and helped develop the pharmacy based vaccine infrastructure to expand access, offer convenience, and support Medicare Part D efforts. And we have supported outbreaks: We were the network for H1N1 pandemic.

We lave never lost sight of what matters most. Healthy lives and healthy families. 

 We deliver the Power of Prevention.

Why VaxAtlas

Our technology is unique. On-demand scheduling to our 1000s of locations eliminates the need to “google” for sites. We store your vaccines in a secure “VaxVault” that can prompt you based on CDC guidelines. Travel is a breeze; no more record hunting. We identify required vaccines,, compare to your VaxVault history and offer scheduling to fill the gap. You can share vaccination records through a secure platform. Whether you manage vaccinations for yourself or your family – we put confidence in the palm of your hand. 
 On-demand. Turn-key.

Portable Prevention

Vaccinations are required for all we do: travel, school, work. Yet, we have no access to our own vaccination record. We change doctors, jobs, and move – leaving our records behind. With VaxAtlas, and our VaxVault record, you can keep your secure record for life. With our unique approach, you can continue to build on your record, add permissions to share when needed, and have peace of mind you will not be chasing past vaccines.
Portable and secure: Prevention for Life.

Our Trusted Network​

Nationwide and community focused.  We leverage the power of our national network of local, high quality pharmacies to provide the vaccinations you need. 

On-demand vaccination scheduling options make it easy – providing an orderly and safe option. Our network understands the importance of feeling safe and supported during this pandemic and are working with us on providing COVID-19 vaccinations.


You trust your local pharmacist. They are here for you. We will get through this crisis together.

Local. Convenient. Trusted.

We Can Do it Together!

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