Making Life a Little Easier

In these challenging times – having the right vaccine at the right time is critical. And a portable vaccination record for life? Priceless. 
Easy Scheduling. Broad Access. Lifetime Record. VaxAtlas.

Your life. Your Control. VaxAtlas.

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COVID-19 Vaccinations Have Been Approved.

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COVID-19 is Challenging All of Us

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We miss family, friends and co-workers.

Businesses have shut down and others are struggling.

Graduations, weddings, and life celebrations are limited.

We need to hug our families and friends and get back to the things that bring joy to our lives. We need peace of mind.

VaxAtlas provides on-demand tools that enables you to schedule your COVID-19 vaccine as soon as it is available for you. We will remind you of the second dose and your record is stored in a secure HIPAA compliant record that ensures ready access to your vaccine history at the touch of a button.

That’s the Power of Prevention. That’s VaxAtlas.


Access & Ease

Vaccinations and testing. Critical tools to get your workplace back on track.


Our network is national - it is community based. Our on-demand scheduling makes testing and vaccinations simple.


Visibility and decision support for employers for real-time action and real time support.

Who Benefits?

Everyone.  An orderly and on demand approach to vaccinations – with a portable and secure lifetime vaccination record makes lives easier for families, travelers, employers, and physicians.

Your record. Your life. 

All of Us

School, work, travel. Vaccinations are the cornerstone of wellness. We provide scheduling, reminders, and tracking of travel and family vaccines, including vaccine exemptions – all in a centralized record that is portable and HIPAA compliant. 

 VaxVault: Records for Life.


Prevention saves lives and saves money.
The “first opportunity” COVID-19 program will get folks back to work with confidence. On-demand scheduling, compliance reminders and alerts will keep your employees on track. VaxAnalytics give you real time visibility.
VaxAtlas: Real Support. Realtime.


VaxAtlas provides schools an edge. Parents using VaxAtlas can share vaccination records and keep your systems up to date. COVID-19 gave us a reality check on the need for better preventative management. See what VaxAtlas can do for you.

VaxAtlas: The Power of Prevention 

Event Venues

Its time to start planning events, sports, concerts and travel. VaxAtlas provides a portable record with consent based sharing that brings Peace of Mind and real-time verification to give people the confidence to restart their lives.

VaxPass: Confidence. Skip the Queue.

Let's get Back to Life

we can do it together